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Over Sixty Testimonies of Regret.. 

The following are a few select cases from 450 who have come forward as of 08/08/2017.  


An Irish teenager speaks on behalf of hundreds of Irish schoolgirls from REGRET who suffer post-Gardasil chronic illness. Broadcast on Irish National TV 03/02/2016.


Fiona, Cavan I have three daughters and I am convinced all three have had some type of reaction to this injection. In brief. Eldest daughter. First injection 8/10/2010 rushed into hospital 25/10/2010 with acute pancreatitis […]

 Ruth, Wicklow.  I received my first hpv vaccine in November 2013. Since then I have been diagnosed with I.T.P, Sjorgens Syndrome and SLE Lupus. I attend the hospital ever second week for blood tests and to be monitored. [..]

 Robyn, Kildare.  All the first year students were called class by class into the school hall to be injected with this so-called “miracle” vaccine, but what they didn’t know was that it would change some of those girls lives forever [..]

Cora, Co. Dublin. I got the vaccine 7 years ago. That night I was unable to move with a fever and sore, swollen joints. My neck and head were in agony, and nausea swept over me. These symptoms did not subside for 2 weeks. I'm now 22, and for the last 7 years..  […]

Amber, Louth. I did a lot of sports and was so full of energy - now I have really bad epileptic fits which have become progressively worse. Mother: "In Amber's school alone we have several children who have had major health issues following the vaccine" […]

Audrey, Dublin. Amy received Gardasil in Sep 2013 and by Nov she was experiencing fainting, blackouts, seizures and vision loss. She was unable to sit her junior cert in June, having missed all of third year. Her headaches are the worst.. […]

Julie, Cork   My daughter got this vaccine 4 years ago. Immediately afterwards she collapsed and was ambulanced into hospital. She went back to school several times after that and every time she collapsed and was ambulanced back into Hospital […]

Orla, Leitrim   I got a call from the school:"There's no power in both her arms - could you come to collect her?" I called the doctor:"I need you to help me. You came to the school. You gave my daughter this injection. Is there anything you can do to help? "No" she told me […]

Lee, Sligo My daughter was a perfectly healthy teenager before getting the vaccine 5 years ago in 2011. After the 2nd shot her headaches were so bad she would just stay in a darkened room for hours on end like a zombie. She then developed severe abdominal pains. Noone could make a diagnosis.[…]

Rebecca, Leitrim I don't really leave the house that much cause I have to use a wheelchair now. Before I went to school and did normal things - I played on sports teams..[…]

Valerie, Connaught, My daughter, now 19, had 3 doses in 2010/11. Up to then she was very active - walked and cycled a lot, did karate. Was never sick before, apart from Toncelitis. She has had 5 hospital stays in the last 18 months […]

  Evanna, Munster My daughter was very active, very outgoing, great at sports. On the weekend she would spend the whole day at the dance school. Now her life is ruined - she has'nt attended school since last september hardly. In the last 6 months she has twice been hospitalised.. […]

  Lilly,Munster My daughter was 13 in September. Started secondary school then also. She is a dancer - at a high competitive level. Back in October she could dance for three hours. She lasted yesterday for ten minutes. She has tried to stay at dancing […]

Amy, Co. Dublin. My 13 year old daughter was a bubbly, happy, sociable, fun, energetic, conscientious, caring child. She loves music, art, being outdoors on her skates, playing soccer, baseball, walking. Academically she was thriving, but now everything has changed […]

Jane, Cork   She was never the same after just one dose of that vaccine. She still suffers from chronic fatigue, chronic menstruating problems, insomnia and has had unexplained painful cysts on her arms and legs. After that, Elaine never did get another dose […]

Catriona, Co. Cork  My daughter Áine who is 13 years old, had the HPV vaccine in October of 2015. Within a week she had a sore throat and I had to take her to see her GP. She was extremely tired and slept a lot. Shortly after that she began to get really dizzy spells[…]

Cynthia, Co. Cork  Before getting the vaccine Kathy was a typical teenager - full of beans. After she got the first vaccine she felt dizzy and I was called up to school to collect her. As time went on Kathy start complaining of pins and needles, blurry vision, chest pains and severe stomach pains […]

Megan, Dublin I was always active and loved my sport but ever since I got that last injection I was slowly going downhill. I had so much pain over the last year that I didn't know what to do with my life. I would get very tired and have to sleep till 3 or 4pm every day […]

Margaret, Tipperary,  From that day Deirdre has suffered constant headaches, leg craps, anxiety, dizziness, and sleeps for hours at a time. I realise that my healthy happy child before this vaccine has now become an unhealthy exhausted girl  [..]

Hannah, Galway I was a straight-A student. I went to a special school at DCU for gifted children, the Centre for Talented Youth. After the third dose I now have extreme fatigue. I wasn’t in school for most of my Leaving Cert course and I’m now being home schooled.[…]

Leanne, Co. Mayo.  Since she received her final shot in May 2011, her health slowly started to deteriorate. Nearly every day she went to school we'd get a call to say she was unwell - she would miss months at a time. This went on for the next couple of years […]

By Paula, Co. Dublin. My daughter was very healthy and full of energy. She never stopped dancing and singing. We could never switch her off even at bed time. I can only but blame the vaccine as she was immediately very ill afterwards and hasn't recovered since..  […]

 Mily, Co. Cork.  I am now 18 and got the HPV injection in 1st year  aged 13. I have had epilepsy for the last 5 years. A week after the  2nd dose I experienced my first seizure. [..]

Ann, Co. Cork  She was 13 years old, fit and healthy. Almost immediately after the vaccine she began to develop mouth sores which spread all the way down her neck. She lost hair across half of her head. Now she live in fear of losing her beautiful hair.. […]

By Leah, Louth. My 15 year old daughter has suffered side affects from this vaccine. She has been hospitalised 4 times and has been on steroids for the past year. She was previously a very healthy girl who played a lot of sports - Gaelic, basketball, running, and dancing. […]

 Rachael, Co Antrim.  My daughter received the HPV injection two weeks  ago. She was sent home within a couple of hours and hasn't been at  school since. She has no energy and could sleep 24 hrs if I let her [..]

 Roisin, Cork.  She was very healthy before this began and rarely at the  Doctor. Athletics was her favorite sport, and she even achieved a bronze  medal at Munster level in the triple jump. [..]

 Shannon, Westmeath.  She was very sporty and in an athletics club, she swam, played tennis, and did taekwondo. Now we can’t go anywhere. She is with us constantly. She is 17. She should be having a life.. [..]

 Claire, Limerick.  In first year I was very smart and able to retain so  much information. That all deteriorated. It got so bad I couldn't stay  awake in school at all anymore. I slept through 2/3 of my last 3 years at school. [..]

 Laura, Kildare.   Laura was our sporty gal, basketball, GAA, horse riding, swimming. You name it she did it. She was such a happy kid with bundles of energy, she loved her sister and all the younger cousins. But that's not my girl anymore [..]

 Oonagh, Cork.   Before this Oonagh was an active 13 year old girl  involved in camogie and all the usual activities of a teenager with no  medical problems. Today, after months of physiotherapy and being  seen by several consultants she has to wear pain patches..[..]

 Grace, Meath.   Grace had a mild learning disability but made  steady  academic progress over the years in a mainstream school.  She was a  happy, sociable, fun loving child. Recent assessments now place her  on the severe end of the autistic spectrum [..] 

 By Emma, Roscommon.   Ava has always been an extremely  active and fit child but after her 3rd injection she has been in and out of hospital so many times I've lost count! She couldn't sit her exams, the school didn't want her there as she faints and has seizures. [..] 

By Monica, Dublin.  The day Aoife received her first vaccine she got a very bad migraine and felt very ill. Since then she has suffered with constant headaches and blurred vision. She stopped doing all extra curricular activities i.e dancing, choir, Horse riding..[..]

 By Terry, Tipperary
 She was a bright, clever girl and a musician and now nothing  interests her. She is constantly fatigued and suffers headaches  continuously. Our GP wrote her off..All I can hope for is that some day soon the vaccine will wear off […]

Alannah, Kildare
After that second shot Alannah's health deteriorated. She has not been able to go to school for 5th & 6th year.. She is on medication for severe migraines and is also on anti-convulsants... […]

By Anita, Tipperary
My 14 year old daughter Shannon was always perfectly healthy, she played on three school teams and in 13 years she took maybe one antibiotic […]

By Siobhan, Galway
I was watching my healthy daughter fade away before my eyes, suffering silently, struggling to cope with her lethargy and tiredness. I have come to learn to cope with her condition and accept she has changed but I will never stop looking for answers.. […]

By Michelle, Galway
Prior to my daughter receiving the vaccine she was a happy girl attending school every day - she received three awards three years running for attendance (never missing a day).  Leanne was involved in many sports, hockey, basketball, swimming, football and badminton. […]

By Tracey, Meath.
My name is Tracey Walsh and my daughter Lara received the gardasil vaccine in Oct 2013. She has gone from a sporty fun loving teenager who had not been to a doctor since she was 4, to a teenager who is in and out of hospital  […]

Roisin, Co. Cork 
Roisin  was an A-student, a competitive boxer, a GAA enthusiast, popular, sociable, and happy. The symptoms started with a headache on May 10, 2011 — the day she received her 3rd shot of  Gardasil […]

Aideen, Kerry 
My name is Aideen, I'm 17 years old and I've been a victim of the HPV Vaccine since I first received it in 2011. In the space of about 6 months I got seriously sick 3 times.[…]

Roisin, Kerry 
Before receiving the vaccine in 2012 Roisin was a perfectly healthy child, playing basketball and football and doing extremely well in school. Six months later, she was regularly fainting and collapsing and some days can't go to school because she is exhausted or in such pain.[…]

Natasha, Kerry  Until Natasha received the immunisation, she was fit and healthy. Now she is tired continuously, has been hospitalised twice, has headaches, shakes, vomiting and is no longer the happy teenager she once was..[…]

Regina, Kerry  My daughter is 15 and received the vaccine in 2013. Like so many other girls she was active in some sports and loved to dance, but hasn't since. School is out - she hasn't been back to school she doesn't have the energy...[…]

Martina, Kerry 
Martina was very active, played basketball with our local club and she was on the school team. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue she had to give up all her sports. She spent the last year out of school..[…]

 Caoimhe, Meath.   Our daughter Caoimhe had this vaccine in 2013. She was a healthy young girl before this. Since then she has been suffering with terrible problems [..] 

Kelly, Co. Dublin.
My name is Kelly Power, I am 17 years old and live in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland. I received the HPV Gardasil vaccination 4 years ago. From that very day I have never felt right.  […]

Marcella, Louth.
My daughter is 13, she was a super fit, healthy girl who played football, went horse riding. She had one dose last oct and now suffers with chronic pain, fatigue, breathing problems, blurred vision - the list goes on. She's completely shattered all the time.. […]

By Karen, Louth.
My daughter Laura has just turned 17 and is without doubt another girl whose life is ruined as a result of the HPV vaccine Gardasil.  When Laura first brought home the consent form from school in 2010 I read it thoroughly. I also went on the World Health […]

Siobháin, Louth.
My daughter got the vaccine in 2010 (6 years ago). After the 3rd dose she started complaining of neck,shoulder and lower back pains. She suffers with chronic fatigue, very heavy menstral disruption, anxiety etc it's just neverending. She missed a whole year of school last year. […]

Abbey, Meath.
My daughter, Abbey, was a healthy happy 13 year old when she started secondary school. On the 22nd September 2014 she received her Gardasil vaccine along with the Tdap vaccine in school. She had an adverse reaction straight away. For over an hour, she was left lying on […]

By Ann, Carlow.
My daughter is just gone 15 in February (2015), she got the HPV injection in Oct 2012 and in November she first started taking seizures and since then she has had pains in the chest , vision problems, non-epileptic seizures […]

Ann-Marie, Co Wexford..
It is our firm belief that this vaccination triggered our daughter's ill-health. Erin returned to school in 5th year. 2nd and 3rd year were practically non-existent and she didn't sit her Junior Cert due to chronic ill health. The positive side is that after 3 years Erin has pulled through. […]

By Lidia, Donegal. For me, everything started a few days after I got the vaccination. I woke up one day, choking, unable to breathe. I was feeling ready to pass out. So my parents took me to a hospital. I was stabilized, kept overnight and sent home, just like that. No tests, no medications, no explanations […]

Allana, Donegal. When I remember back, things started getting worse and worse after Allana started secondary school. She got the three doses of Gardasil, and each time I was called to the school to collect her. The main thought in my head was what could be causing her depression to be so bad. […]

 Ciara, Cork.  Ciara received the vaccine in 2010 and was later diagnosed with POTS disease. Now 22, she  suffers from chronic fatigue, pain, stomach issues and swelling and she had to quit college as a result...[..]

Fiona, Co Wexford.
Before the vaccine she was very active, into camogie, football and horse riding. And now she has no energy and is constantly in pain..  […]

By Nuala, Tipperary  Georgia was extremely active before the vaccine but she just began to feel very tired and had no energy in second year.  She started fainting last October after starting third year. […]

By Kathleen, Cavan
My 16 year old daughter has been so unwell since getting the gardasil vaccination in 2013. She was a very healthy happy teenager who played camogie, now she struggles to walk to the car. […]
Dad from South Galway
At 15 a county camogie player, 5 months ago she collapsed on a GAA pitch and was out cold for thirteen minutes. After that, the fits kept occurring. She sleeps up to 20 hours a day and can no longer go to school […]

[23/08/2016] 15 yr old Irish Girl confronts Virologist at event promoting the HPV vaccine.

An Irish teenager tells the story of the last 5 years of her life.



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