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No Sport, No School, No Energy, No Answers.. 
Date 24.09.2015

My daughter's name is Martina and we live in Co. Kerry. She was very active, played basketball with our local club and she was on the school team. 

Martina was 12 when she got her first dose of HPV in September 2013.
Towards the end of 2013, she was feeling unwell in herself and was tired all the time.

In 2014 Martina was getting worse, developed a chest infection that we couldn't cure. She was sent to hospital for various tests and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue in August 2014 after a long investigation with GP and Consultants.  

As a result she had to give up all her sports. She is out of school with the last year.

She originally suffered headaches, change of temperatures, hot and cold, and pains in her joints and muscles.  These thankfully are gone but we still have the fatigue and poor concentration.  

We mentioned the possible link between the fatigue and the vaccine to our Consultant, but he said this was very unlikely.


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