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Two months after a HPV injection..  

Date 10.12.2015

My daughter received this vaccine on 28th September and she was immediately ill afterwards. I received a phone call from the school to collect her as soon as possible. When I arrived about an hour later she could hardly walk. She was bed ridden for 5 days. She had a temperature for 5 days and literally couldn't even sit up in the bed.

The symptoms she experienced at the time were a really bad headache, aches in her joints and muscles, dizziness and weakness in her arms and legs. Her arm was very sore and she got a really bad rash where she received the injection. She also is experiencing tightness in her jaw.

I contacted the vaccine doctor on 29th September to discuss what had happened to her but at that time I was not aware that other girls had experienced any after affects. The doctor told me that some girls had experienced bad reactions to the vaccine but that they will more than likely recover over the course of a few weeks. I was happy with that and optimistically encouraged my daughter to pick herself up and get on with it.

She missed 5 days from school that week. She has since missed further days (approx. 10 in total) even when she got a bit of a sniffle she couldn't cope and was out of school. She is still experiencing weakness and fatigue as well as dizziness. She says if a teacher even talks to her she gets overcome with weakness.

She is a great dancer and has missed two weeks of dance classes because she doesn't feel strong enough to attend. She went this Monday and came back crying and feeling extremely unwell afterwards. She says any exertion at all has her weak and tired.

My daughter was very healthy and full of energy. She never stopped dancing and singing. We could never switch her off even at bed time. Now she is just lying on the couch every day she comes home from school. I brought her up to Liffey Valley to buy her her Christmas outfit last Friday and we were only walking for half an hour and she walked out of the shop and said she wanted to go home she felt ill.

I brought her to my local GP and he took her bloods and said we need to rule everything out before we blame the vaccine. I can only but blame the vaccine as my daughter was immediately very ill afterwards and hasn't recovered since.

I would appreciate it someone could help me or advise me in any way. I just want her to get better.

Paula, Co. Dublin.

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