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It is hard enough being a teenager, but having to deal with all of this needlessly is just horrible.. 

Date 11.12.2015

My daughter Nora received the Gardasil vaccine in September 2014. She was 13 years old, fit and healthy, never had trouble with previous vaccines. Almost immediately after the vaccine she began to develop mouth sores which spread all the way down her neck. She was treated for impetigo by our GP with no success.

I am a general nurse myself and a few warning bells started ringing. I thought the virus was causing havoc with her immune system. Then in January she found a small bald patch at the back of her head which was diagnosed as alopesia
areata. She lost hair across half of her head at the back. I stress that there is no history of alopesia or autoimmune illness on either side of the family.

By June she developed acute panic attacks that lasted throughout the summer. Needless to say I didn't consent to her receiving the 2nd or 3rd dose. I will regret forever consenting her for the first one!

Her anxiety is much improved now but she discovered new patch on top of her head just last week, which is truly devastating. She live in fear of losing her beautiful hair. It is hard enough being a teenager, but having to deal with all of this needlessly is just horrible.

My heart goes out to the other girls, who are much sicker and
much more challenged to deal with every day life. And their poor parent who just stand by helplessly, watching it all and blame themselves, just like me.

I know that Nora can attend school, play sports and function
and I'm extremely grateful for that. But her problem is a huge mountain for her personally. I would like to join your organisation in order to prevent this happening to all the other girls. Thank you for being there. 

Ann, Co. Cork.

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