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It is really necessary for people to make a conscious choice about what they are injecting into their bodies... 

Date 11.12.2015

My name is Mily and I would like to share my story. I am an 18
year old girl that got her cervical cancer injection in 1st year of secondary school. I was 13 years old. A week after the second dose of injection I experienced my first seizure. In the hospital I was told that many adolescents experience seizures while growing up and that I shouldn't worry about it. Few months after the 3rd dose, I had a second seizure and was hospitalised for two days. I was diagnosed with monoclonic, juvenile epilepsy.

Since then, I took many different tablets throughout the years. I was first put on lamictal. It started off as a small dose of 25mg twice a day, by last year I was taking 100mg morning and evening. During my time on Lamictal I had another two seizures. Lamictal caused me to experience jerking in my muscles, absence seizures, and affected my mental health.
From December 2014 to February 2015 I struggled with depersonalisation and felt “flat”. I didn't feel happy, I didn't feel sad, I just didn't feel. I didn't feel like myself and I locked myself away from people I loved and cared about.

My medication was then changed. Now I am on Keppra, 1000mg twice a day. I'm also prescribed to take folic acid
and frisium to prevent muscle contractions.

My experience with the Irish Health System was pleasant. The people were kind and I had all the necessary tests done without extra payment. Now I am on the long term illness scheme meaning I don't have to pay for my medication; which would otherwise cost me over 300 euro a month. However, none of them have ever acknowledged the fact that my epilepsy
was caused by the HPV injection.

I admire what you do to raise awareness. It is really necessary for people to make a conscious choice about what they are injecting into their bodies. I wrote a letter to the HSE but I don't expect a reply. I know the ministry of health is trying to protect pharmaceutical companies. It is sad to think that money is worth more than peoples' health these days.

All I know for sure, is that my future daughter won't
be receiving the vaccination. And I would advise all of you not to take it either. You don't want to go through my experiences or the experiences of other people on this site.

Your Sincerely


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