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Living with I.T.P, Sjorgens Syndrome and SLE Lupus..

Date 08.09.2018

My name is Ruth, I received my first hpv vaccine in November 2013. The day of my vaccine I remember feeling dizzy and nauseous but thinking it would pass. Little did I know this would be my life.

The pain became worse - headaches, dizziness, out of breath, nauseas. I remember being in bed on Christmas with what I thought was the flu! I was soon hospitalised in February 2014 for a week. I remember my mam talking to a gynaecologist in the hospital and she asked the doctor would my sudden illness have anything to do with the vaccine as I had been fine previous to the vaccine - to which the doctor replied "not at all" don't be ridiculous!

In April I received my second vaccine. I asked the doctor who was present when the vaccine was being distributed should I get this vaccine as I had been ill a month prior. I was told it shouldn't interfere with my meds and I would be fine!

Since then I have been diagnosed with I.T.P, Sjorgens syndrome and SLE Lupus. I attend the hospital ever second week for blood tests and to be monitored.

Before this vaccine I was never sick, I remember shaking at the needle and having to have my friend hold my hand as I was injected because I never got needles. Now when I look down at my hands all I see are bruises and needle marks.

Ruth, Co. Wicklow.

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