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I was blessed that I only got the first vaccination ..  

Date 13.09.2016

I'm now 22, and was the first year to receive the vaccination (back when you had to pay). I was one of the few girls in my year who actually felt fine and very little pain afterwards, and thought the others were being overdramatic. I went home and fell asleep on the couch (unusual for me at the time) and woke up that night, barely able to open my eyes, blinded by the lightbulb over my head. I was unable to move with a fever and sore, swollen joints. My neck and head were in agony, and nausea swept over me. These symptoms did not subside for 2 weeks.
7 years later and I have caught every bug going, from pneumonia to glandular fever, moderate digestive system problems and headaches, and fatigue beyond imagination. I was blessed that I only got the first vaccination and went on to refuse the second, certain that I had gotten a 1 in 100,000 reaction. My medical file now says 'GARDASIL' in big letters under allergies, but not one person was able to provide me with information or even the possibility of it causing long term effects in my life. To this day, no one in the medical field has talked about my 'allergy' with me, and never traces my symptoms back to this experience.

I'm currently in 4th year of College, and despite taking every vitamin under the sun and following a very healthy diet, I struggle greatly to gather the energy to get out of bed, or even make it home on the bus without passing out asleep. It has affected my attendance in college, my social life, and my ability to live exactly how I want. I only feel awful for the girls with worse symptoms than mine, and want to thank you all so much for fighting for these girls, and those in the future who may be affected.


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