Terry from Tipperary writes about her daughter who, after five years of suffering, now feels she has nothing to live for. As a mother, this has been emotionally devastating for Terry herself too.

I've been listening to the Sean O'Rourke (rte radio 1) item on Gardasil with horror. My daughter too has been suffering since vaccination at age 13 with debilitating, constant head pains, leg pains, tiredness and worst of all, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. She is now 18.

She dropped from being an A student to being barely able to keep up. I've brought her for MRI scans, Orthotics specialists and the St.John of Gods psychiatric services. Nothing helps her. I am broken-hearted and blame myself for allowing her to be vaccinated with this poison.

Since having had the vaccine, my daughter has changed completely. She was a bright, clever girl and a musician and now nothing interests her. I am fully aware that teens experience all sorts of changes but what we have been going through is horrendous.

She has not grown or developed breasts and mine and her father's female relatives have normal breast sizes. She is constantly fatigued and is suffering with headaches all the time and I mean continuously. 
She has experienced hallucinations. She is self-harming and experiences suicidal thoughts. She has lost interest in everything.

Our GP wrote her off so I brought her to another GP in Dublin who has referred her to psychiatric services which she is still attending but to no avail. She is listless, exhausted and unhappy.

I am broken-hearted because I believed in vaccination and asked a lot of questions before giving my consent to her getting Gardasil. I was assured by health professionals that the vaccine was perfectly safe.
I honestly believe that Gardasil is the cause of my child's health problems but until I found REGRET, I thought I was alone.
All I can hope for is that some day soon the vaccine will wear off. 

I will do everything I can to help others affected.

I am devastated.

Terry, Tipperary, Ireland.
27 July, 2015

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