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Feel So Guilty I Signed Three Consent Forms ..  

Date 23.02.2016

Not really sure where to start. I have three daughters and I am convinced all three have had some type of reaction to this injection but I never put two and two together until recently.

In brief. Eldest daughter. First injection 8/10/2010 rushed into Hosp 25/10/2010 with acute pancreatitis. This has been ongoing (although past year a bit better). She was in Temple Street, Crumlin , and Cavan General Hospital for four/ five years. She is now diagnosed as a chronic pancreatic patient. Not ever did I think about the injection as a cause
after so many years of her being in and out of Hospital. Doctors said it was idiopathic (unknown cause).

Second daughter. Had injection Sep/Oct 2013. Got really really bad hives after all the injections. Also flu-like symptoms and larryngitis shortly after that, but
nothing major.

Youngest daughter. Had first injection Sep last year 2015. She has not been right since. Flu after flu, virus after virus. Sore throats , sore ears , tired all the time , voice totally changed (weird I know ) aches , pains , muscle soreness and list goes on and on. Took her to Casualty on saturday - they think she has chronic fatigue syndrome.

Am so very upset and worried, and feel so so guilty I signed three consent forms and never realised they could be linked. My poor girls have all suffered and still are suffering. Thank you for listening.

Fiona, Co. Cavan.

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