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She was always a smiling girl but her smile has been turned upside down.. 
Date 20.04.2016

My daughter is 15 and received the vaccine in 2013. Like so many other girls she was active in some sports and I mean she loved to dance, but hasn't since. School is out - she hasn't been back to school she doesn't have the energy. She had told me her concentration in school was nil and teachers also said she is there in the room in body but her mind is asleep. Her grades went out of control. She was always a smiling girl but her smile has been turned upside down. Teachers noticed she wasn't the same pupil anymore.

She is always complaining of headaches, joint pain, and sleeps like sleeping beauty, sometimes all day if I let her. It’s a struggle to get her to do anything, even a simple shower, she complains she doesn't have the energy. So I have to wash her hair for her, and it will take her another 2 hours to build the energy to shower. She doesn't even have the energy to go anywhere for long drives with us on a Sunday.

It’s so frustrating for her - as she hasn't the energy to be active she has gained a lot of weight, and has gone into a state of depression over it. I have been in and out of the doctors with her and had her bloods done. Her blood work showed that she was lacking in B12 but I don't understand why - obviously nutrients are going in but are not being absorbed.

I am outraged that this vaccine still continues to circulate in our health system – they should have researched more about the vaccine before it was introduced into our girls lives. I mean I didn't study medicine but I would like to think I am putting my life, and the lives of my children in to the hands of people who did study it, and know what they are doing.

I just wish I could do much more for her after this vaccine took control of her life. Recently I have come upon all these reports of young girls going through this horrible time. Hopefully there will be a good outcome and we can get our girls back to doing normal stuff again.

Regina, Kerry.

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