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Chronic Tiredness   

Date 05.10.2015

My name is Claire, I am 18 years old. I got this vaccination in 2nd year in 2011, I was 13 at the time.

At the time I didn't notice the side-effects. It's as if they gradually creeped up on me. Slowly I began to notice I no longer could stay awake anymore.

In first year I was very smart and able to retain so much information. That all deteriorated. It got so bad I couldn't stay awake in school at all anymore. I slept through 2/3 of my last 3 years at school. It came to the point teachers became worried about stress and home life, but none of that was a problem and I never could explain why this was happening.
My daily routine was:

  • Wake at 7am 
  • Bus at 7:25, sleep until 8 (when I got to School) 
  • school began at 9, I'd be falling asleep by third class which began at 10:20. 
  • The middle of the day was okay but by the time lunch finished from 2-3:40 I slept majority of the last 3 classes
  • I'd fall asleep on the way home - home around 4:15
  • Barely able to eat dinner, stopped doing homework, was in bed from 5-8:30. 
  • Get up, try do as much homework as possible, then bed by 9:30 and sleep for the night.

My family, friends and teachers all noticed, so I went to the doctor and took bloods which were perfect. She turned it to me being overweight which may be a contributing factor but I find it hard to believe that is the sole reason for this happening.

For the past four years of my life this is my routine everyday. I can't stay awake for short car journeys, when I'm at a friends house I usually have to nap during the day because I physically can not keep my eyes open. I have fallen asleep at the strangest times - in the middle of conversations, eating dinner, public places, and even walking one time. To this day if I am going on a night out I literally have to sleep for the whole day so I will have the energy to go out.

Reading this (regret.ie) has been a brilliant help because now I know it's not just me its happening to. My problem may not be as severe as some I've read, but if I could go back I would never have gotten that vaccine it has turned my whole life upside down.

I am scared to think I may not ever get to drive. Any job that I get I will be let go because I won't be able to last the day.

It's not like normal tiredness, I take an energy drink, go outside for fresh air, close my eyes for a few seconds, nothing works. I hope at some point my life becomes a normal routine again.

Now if the weight is a contributing factor I will find out. I'm about to begin Unislim and start a healthier lifestyle in the hope to god my life may turn around and this may be reversible, though I have my doubts.

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