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"My healthy happy child before this vaccine has now become an unhealthy exhausted girl".. 

Date 17.02.2016

I believe that my daughter has suffered after receiving the HPV vaccine. Deirdre received the first dose in October 2013. On the day she received it her arm turned purple and she felt quite unwell. Two to three days later she was still feeling unwell with a high temperature, I made contact with the helpline given and was told "it would be ok".  

Just one week after the vaccine, Deirdre was dropped to get the bus to school and on the bus began to panic and feel unwell, I had to take her home. I read up on the vaccine and decided I would not give her the following dose. At this stage, I felt it had an adverse effect on her, but didn't realise to what extent. From that day Deirdre has suffered constant headaches, leg craps, anxiety, dizziness, and sleeps for hours at a time. She has had glandular fever, and tonsillitis at least every six weeks.

Originally we thought she was being bullied in school and changed schools, we have taken her to a psychologist who has diagnosed "school refusal" and anxiety. Deirdre kept telling me 'nothing happened in school, that she wants to attend school but she feels fearful and exhausted all the time'. On the days when she does attend school she comes home and falls asleep literally ten minutes after arriving in the door.

She has a headache everyday and has small lumps at the back of her neck. She wakes at night crying with pains in her legs and sleeps constantly. When she sleeps it is extremely difficult to wake her and she just seems to have no energy.

I feel terribly guilty that I thought my daughter was just acting up and was focused on the non-attendance to school. But the more I read about this vaccine I realise that my healthy happy child before this vaccine has now become an unhealthy exhausted girl who really is unable to do all the things she wants to do.

I believe that parents should be warned against this vaccine and if I could help in any way with this I would. I would be happy for you to publish my story. If it can just help one person decide not to give their daughter this vaccine, than at least I can feel I've done something to help. Every politician who comes to may door this election, will also be hearing my concerns.

Margaret, Co. Tipparary.

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