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I am delighted to say that I'm actively recovering from the vaccine..  

Date 24.05.2016

My name is Aideen, I'm 17 years old and I've been a victim of the HPV Vaccine since I first received it in 2011. In the space of about 6 months I got seriously sick 3 times, one of the times being Glandular Fever. This was alarming as I seldom got sick before this. Over the 5 years I would be sick several times a year and suffer from countless other symptoms, including Raynaud's, muscle spasms, constipation, chronic fatigue and, over the past few months, anxiety and depression.

Having said all this, I am delighted to say that I'm actively recovering from the vaccine and all its consequences. About 2 months ago, I visited Jeff, who practices Bio-energy healing as well as  other therapies, in Tralee. I didn't think that anything would come of the consultation, as I had visited several other specialists and doctors during the year and had no success. Much to the contrary, I have been recovering immensely over the past 2 months, only having seen this specialist twice. I no longer have severe fatigue or muscle spasms, and my mood has improved miraculously; something I feared would never happen. I don't have constipation and my Raynaud's can also be treated. 

I thought that I would have to live with these symptoms for the rest of my life, but thankfully, now I am recovering.
Aideen, Co. Kerry

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