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Survey of parental attitudes in the North-West towards the HPV Vaccine
Irish BT Young Scientist research project, Jan 2017.
HPV Vaccine. The Science is weaker than the Marketing
Discover Magazine, Nov, 2011.
Aluminium as a carrier allows access of anti-bodies to brain. Mechanisms of Molecular Mimicry. Explained by Dr. Tomljenovic with experimental evidence.[May,2015 @23min]
Mechanism of harm exposed in Gardasil vaccine. Cynthia A. Janak,
Dec, 2015.
Latest research on HPV Vaccine Safety - 24Feb 2015: Discussion on Gary Null show featuring Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, Dr. Ken Stoller, Dr. Mark Flannery and Dr. Stig Gerdes.
Chronic Symptoms After HPV: Vaccination: Danes Start Study. Medscape Medical News (13 Nov 2015).
Account from a Danish mother describing two years of struggle, including trips to a Swiss specialist, to slowly achieve some kind of recovery. Sept, 2015.
Alliance for Natural Health guide to HPV Vaccine
The case against aluminum in vaccines
Dr Suzanne Humphries. Published Feb 24, 2015.
Gardasil HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary and Lethal.
8 April 2014. Dr Gary Null.
How Gardasil parallels AZT. Dr Gary Null [ 9 Jan, 2012]  
Autoimmune Disorder conference videos,
Children's Medical Safety Research Institute, 2015.
HPV Vaccine Mysteries. By Janine Roberts.

Merck clinical trials show Percentage Serious Adverse Events after Gardasil vaccine is 2.5%.  17 Dec 2014, Norma Erickson

Suspected side effects to the quadrivalent human papilloma vaccine, GardasilDepartment of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine, Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark [May 1, 2015]
What if HPV does NOT cause cervical cancer? Norma Erickson and Peter H. Duesberg, PhD [20 Jan 2015]
Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine: Causal or Coincidental?  Lucija Tomljenovic and Christopher A Shaw, University of British Columbia, Canada. [23 Oct 2012].

Health Authorities Admit Gardasil™ Contains Residual Recombinant HPV DNA. Norma Erickson {Oct 2011]. 

The DNA fragments in Gardasil can be incorporated into the human genome and may enhance the chances of acquiring cancer.  It appears that the Merck Corporation, FDA and WHO are closing ranks to claim that the DNA contaminant in vaccines should be presumed safe without any evidence. Professor Joe Cummins, Professor of Genetics, 12/09/12.

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis a Relevant Diagnosis in Patients with Suspected Side Effects to Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine?. International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination [Jun 2015].
When Vaccine Ingredients Cross the Blood Brain Barrier – A Formula for Disaster.
Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, MD, Aug 2013.
Orthostatic intolerance and postural tachycardia syndrome as suspected adverse effects of vaccination against human papilloma virus.. Brinth et Al.{May 2015].
Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations. Tomljenovic L1, Shaw CA, Oct, 2014.
Cerebellar Ataxia and the HPV Vaccine – Connection and Treatment, Nov 2013, Chandler Marrs, PhD

Nutrients for Preventing Aluminum Toxicity, Vaccine Papers, Jan 2015.

10 Steps to Reverse Autoimmune Disease, Dr. Mark, Hyman, Sep, 2015.

How to determine the value of a vaccine, Sandy Lunoe, Sep, 2014.

HPV Fact sheet, National Vaccine Information Center.
“Gardasil [Vaccine] Will Become the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time”— Quote from former Merck physician Dr. Bernard Dalbergue
Homeopath explains approach to treating gardasil victims..
"TruthAboutGardasil" Parents group, presentation to FDA panel. 12/3/10.
Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) submission document 2006.


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