Laura was hoping the get a 'Player of the Year' award. But that was before.., 17/9/2015

Laura lives in Kildare with myself, dad and her younger sister (who will not be getting the shot!).
Laura was our sporty gal, basketball, GAA, horse riding, swimming. You name it she did it. She was such a happy kid with bundles of energy, she loved her sister and all the younger cousins. But that's not my girl anymore. She's dropped out of GAA, doesn't swim anymore, still goes to the yard but recently doesn't feel well enough to ride, she still attempts basketball training. Last year she was chosen to play for 2nd year (she was only in 1st) but was so sick during the games that she lost the player of the year award. She was devastated. She had been there sick trying to play her best.

She is a great student but her focus has changed and she drifts off now. Her energy level is just getting worse and worse. Laura was always first up for school, first dressed and ready but now days she has a hard time kick starting her day. During the summer I had to wake her at noon as she just wanted to keep sleeping all day long.

Her mood has also changed, she's not as happy, she's a little grumpier and snappy. She just wants to be better again and is so frustrated the doctor can't give any answers. Laura was always lactose intolerant so doesn't have dairy (well on occasion she'll have an ice cream). She has a great appetite but that's slowly decreasing also and she's gone off certain veg and fruit. When the episodes happen she's not hungry at all.

Immediately after receiving the vaccine she was dizzy and sick but stayed in school. We thought this was normal as I'd read the information leaflet that she had received.

A while after that she started feeling unwell. Dizzy spells, feeling faint, weak and a pain in her side. It got so bad we ended up at the ER where they found a small cyst on her ovaries. So we thought we had our reason. She was given an anti-spasm tablet and sent home.  Then it all happened again. She would go grey in the face and have all the symptoms again. So off to the ER for a scan to reveal no cyst this time. We were confused so the doctor offered to "open her up to have a look". We ran out of the hospital!

Our family doctor brought Laura in for a follow up and ran loads of blood tests. He gave her Ponstin for the pain. Which didn't work. The problem passed and it only reoccurred randomly. Laura was dealing with it and we thought it was easing.

Two weeks ago I got the call from school. I wasn't around so my Mom collected her. Again all the symptoms back but with an added headache that never left with pain meds. It passed and she went back to school the following day.

This weekend gone I went out our front to find her lying in the road. I was so scared. She was dizzy with a massive headache and felt her legs wouldn't work. She went to the yard but couldn't ride.

I called the docs on Monday as I got the call from school again. At the docs we were told in detail all her results from 7 months ago. All the following tests were fine - blood sugar, thyroid, B-12 deficiency, iron deficiency, cholesterol, all fine. Her blood pressure at the docs was fine also 117 over 76.
Her throat and ears, clear. Her heart beat fine. The doc couldn't find anything wrong. She told us to come back in 2-3 months but I insisted 2-3 weeks if we arn't back sooner.

Laura is keeping a food, drink and feeling sick diary to see if it shows anything.
She's too sick to go to school today, she looks awful and weak.

I'm lost here. I want my active happy gal back. Why did I allow this to happen?

Lydia, Kildare.

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