Nobody could explain the crippling hip pain experienced by her Patricia's daughter.

[03 Sep 2015]
My daughter Oonagh received her 3th Gardasil vaccine on March 19th, 2014. By April Oonagh had serious hip pain and by mid-May was admitted to Cork University Hospital for tests. Oonagh was sent home a few days later on crutches unable to bear weight but all tests were clear. Oonagh has since spent months on crutches and has had numerous visits (Inpatient and Outpatient) to CUH over the past sixteen months. Oonagh has missed a lot of her second year in Secondary school.

Before this Oonagh was an active thirteen year old girl involved in camogie and all the usual activities of a teenager with no medical problems. Today, after months of physiotherapy and being seen by several
consultants she has to wear lidnocaine pain patches on a daily basis and is unable to participate in any sports or activities.

Sharing my story may help some other family going through months or years of similar unexplained chronic pain. I myself only recently became aware that there may be a connection between her symptoms and receiving the Gardasil vaccine, I have contacted the HPRA who are presently researching her medical history.

I just came off the phone with a friend of mine whose daughter is in first year and due the vaccine in the coming week. I informed her of the connection between the Gardasil vaccine and Oonagh's chronic hip pain condition. She was shocked to think that the HSE were going ahead with this vaccine. She's going to postpone her daughter's vaccine.


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