In common with other girls' stories, Alannah's medical tests did not focus on identifying vaccine triggered auto-immune conditions based on the assumption that the vaccine could not possible be the source of her illness.  

Alannah's first shot of Gardasil was administered on 6/10/10 and she had her second shot on 7/12/10. After that second shot her health deteriorated and she started having fainting episodes resulting in injuries to her head. Once she had to go to A&E.

She suffered further collapses after that - we started recording the frequency beginning in April 2011:
   Year   Collapses
   2011   26
   2012   32
   2013 120
   2014 155
   2015 31 so far..

In Spring 2011, Alannah was too unwell to have her 3rd shot of Gardasil. We contacted the HSE but was reassured her illness was nothing to do with the vaccine. She had her third shot later that year (29/9/11).

We have recorded the following list of medical interventions:

  • April 2011- neurologist Crumlin hospital prescribes anticonvulsant followed by a series of 4 EEG's
  • October 2011 - brain MRI proved normal
  • November 2011 - due to side effects of 1st anticonvulsant, a 2nd one was prescribed.
  • 2012 - had glandular fever.
  • 2012 - attends cardiologist in Crumlin to rule out heart defects
  • Jan 2013 - attends neurologist in hermitage clinic for severe migraines - on medication to present day
  • April 2013 - attends gastroenterologist in hermitage for severe reflux and vomiting and had gastroscope
  • Nov 2013 - attends mater private clinic to investigate possibility of narcolepsy
  • 2013-14 attends iridologist to detox vaccine
  • 2013-14 attends psychologist as doctors think it's not medical !!
  • Jan 2014 - had ultrasound scans , transvaginal and pelvis
  • June 2014 - severe enlarged tonsils causing infection had tonsils removed
  • July 2015 - had mri of spine lumbar due to urine retention: shows bulging disc - possible cause due to continuing collapses, under investigation at present..

The impact on Alannah's quality of life has been dramatic: 

  • Has not been able to go to school for 5th & 6th year- is now home tutored.
  • Loss of independence
  • Low self esteem
  • Loss of friends - feels isolated
  • Constant fatigue and low iron
  • Skin rashes
  • Restricted social life
  • No warning when she is going to collapse - a major source of anxiety
  • Dizzy spells with blurred vision
  • Sleep episodes up to 16 hours
  • Inflamed joints
  • Cyclical vomiting syndrome
  • Fear of what the future holds

What Alannah needs now is recognition of her illness, ruling out psychiatric reasons is a big thing for her.
Also she needs support to overcome this and some hope for the future.


If your child has suffered health issues that you think may have been triggered by Gardasil, and you wish to get in contact with other parents who have had a similar experience, please contact us at: