Some days I would stop and think to myself what the hell has happened to my beautiful girl that was funny, vibrant, creative, sensitive and fun loving girl.., 15/12/2015

That Cervical Cancer Vaccine, well if I had my time back again I would never, ever have given this dreadful vaccine to my daughter because since then it has been nothing but a nightmare for her and the family. To think I went out of my way to seek this vaccine and thought I was doing something that would prevent cancer since I was dealing with the grief of my sister just months before, also due to cancer. This vaccine was rolled out as free but for some reason or another I paid €600 for same. 

My daughter Leanne received her first vaccine in Jan 18th 2011, second vaccine 01 March 2011, and the final one 24th May 2011 and since then her health slowly started to deteriorate. We have been going from doctor to consultant for nearly every complaint known to man. It first started with tightness in her chest along with chest pains, difficulty breathing and an overall feeling of being unwell, tired and zapped of energy.
We saw a respiratory consultant who put her on an inhaler for asthma, although her lung functioning tests came back clear. From there it went to stomach pains and spasms with excruciating pain and pain up her spine. Leanne was admitted to hospital for full check over, she had camera imaging up and down, and all came back clear. Also tested for celiac and was negative (she was not eating and had lost weight when tested). Gut consultant recommended she get seen by a dietician where she was put on high fibre/wholegrain diet. This sent her further into tummy spasms and was suffering from severe headaches (she also ended up attending an out of hours doctor for injection to ease the pain).

Eventually she started to miss days from school, nearly every day she went we just ended getting a call to say she was unwell, eventually she would miss months at a time. This went on for the next couple of years, going from G.P to consultant for a new ailment, had MRI's CT scans X-ray’s you name it she had it and every doctor gave her a full bill of health.

Leanne had a great group of friends and there was no problems as regards bullying as this is one of the questions we got asked time and time again from doctors. She had great difficulty going to the bathroom and would sometimes be nearly a week without a bowel movement. Leanne became moody and withdrawn. We then brought her to a lady who practiced alternative medicine (kinesiology). Her findings were that Leanne was zapped of energy (working at a level of 10%) and that she was intolerant to wheat, barley, corn, oats and a list of other foods, her body was trying to process this high fibre wheat/oat diet and she was unable to break it down. It was like pouring cement into her. We put Leanne on a Gluten Free Diet and it helped with the spasms. We continued with visits to Kinesiology which was a life line at the time as we had exhausted the doctor route and they dismissed this type of practice.

Migraines continued, her GP sent her to see a neurologist, she had a lumber puncture and this test also came back clear thankfully, but at this stage you would hope they would find something and put a name on it so that we could treat what was wrong. Leanne wasn't going out and had taken to her bed due to exhaustion and migraines. Leaving cert year was the toughest year. She stopped going to school because she had not an ounce of energy (more so to do with the migraines) and they were blinding. Dark room no noise was the order of the day. The only thing that was working for her was staying on gluten free diet. 

Eventually she was just lying up in her bed day after day. Some days I would stop and think to myself what the hell has happened to my beautiful girl that was funny, vibrant, creative, sensitive and fun loving girl. Everyone would ask how is Leanne and it’s amazing how you come to live in the situation, you get used to that person being sick but you forget what day she actually got sick because it’s going on for a number of years. We would visit family and she would take to the bed because she did not have the energy to communicate. She had headaches and was feverish and sometimes sleep paralysis, she slept most of the time.

Leaving cert approached and time spent in school was getting less and less until eventually she just couldn't go. She neither had the interest, the energy nor the stamina to sit through class and was unable to retain any information. We were thinking of not putting her through the stress and that maybe she could sit it the following year. I met with the Principle who was very accommodating trying to figure out what to do. Two months before Leaving Cert I brought her to a Bio-Energy Healer. He didn't think Leanne was depressed but something was causing her body to work at a very low level. We had four sessions and he informed us of some natural remedies to help her. Leanne had great relief from these sessions and started to go into school for a couple of hours a day but it would take a lot out of her and she would sleep most of the time.
Somehow Leanne sat her Leaving Cert in a separate room from her peers. Luckily she got the points to enable her to get her first choice in college (along with qualifying for DARE and also being a part of the DSS in university). She is now in her second year of college doing a course she loves but she finds it extremely difficult at times. She still suffers from lack of energy, hard to concentrate, difficult to fall asleep and restless. Just when we thought we had come the other side of this awful sickness it has thrown yet another setback. 

I have read some of the other girl’s stories and can't help notice the similarities they all have in common. I have recently requested Leanne's medical files. Not sure what the next step is, but my husband and I are very worried.


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