Nuala from Tipperary describes her daughter's health problems which can not be explained, even after exhaustive medical testing. The pattern of fatigue, seizures and leg numbness is familiar though and points to a delayed reaction to the Gardasil shot.  

My daughter Georgia was given the hpv cervical cancer vaccination when she was in first year. Georgia was extremely active before the vaccine but she just began to feel very tired and had no energy in second year.  

She started fainting last October after starting third year. The fainting episodes were spaced out at the start but as the months went on they became more frequent, to the point where she wouldn't be able to last a full week in school, as she could be fainting up to twice a week. 

She ended up in hospital the last weekend in January for three days. Coming out of hospital not feeling any better and with no answers, she went back to school a week later to try and sit her second week of mock exams for her junior cert. Unfortunately she was only able to sit one full mock exam and by the second day she fainted in her maths exam. 

She had numerous amounts of tests done from bloods to echo scans, a heart MRI, a brain MRI. 

She still wasn't out of the woods, she would still be fainting and have no energy levels at all, and she would be very pale the whole time. She would experience times where she wouldn't be able to feel her legs. They would go completely numb with the longest episode lasting up to two 2 and a half hours.

The first week in March was Georgia's worst week. She fainted in school on the Thursday, and then again on the Friday, but the Friday was her worst episode. She went completely unconscious for 3 minutes then they got her back and brought her up to sick bay in the school where she went unconscious again.  Her eyes started rolling in her head and she ended up in hospital for 6 days.  She had all the tests done, CT scans you name it, and they all came back clear.

She had a seizure in the hospital while she was there, as well as fainting. Georgia came out of hospital still no better. She went on to only being able to sit 7 out of 11 subjects for her junior cert and was put into a special centre in case anything happened to her. 

A friend of mine told me about the Regret.ie website and about the interview on the radio with Matt Cooper.  We are still looking for answers as to why Georgia was so poorly, Georgia is still not back to full health. 

22 July, 2015

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