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 Report on post-HPVvaccine illness broadcast on Dutch TV [15/11/2016]

 HPV vaccine report from Denmark shown on Japanese TV. Japanese expert meets with Danish researchers. [12/01/2015]

 Report on post-HPVvaccine illness and death from Canada [27/05/2015]

 Latest research on HPV Vaccine Safety - 24Feb 2015:  Discussion on Gary Null show featuring Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, Dr. Ken Stoller, Dr. Mark Flannery and Dr. Stig Gerdes.

New Zealand 3News channel HPV Vaccine special report: "Cause or Coincidence". Investigates two cases of sudden, unexplained death of two NZ teenagers. In other cases, crippling illness. (9 Nov 2015).

Danish HPV Vaccine Victim Documentary: "De vaccinerede piger"
(Aired on Danish TV, April 2015, English Subtitles)
Dutch Report interviewing mother of daughter suffering illness after HPV Vaccine
Preview Danish HPV Victim Documentary (3 min, English Subtitles).
Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines
(Segment on Gardasil begins @56min.30sec)
(Segment on Aluminium begins @38min.30sec)
The Dangers of Gardasil.
Sept 2011 interview with Dr. Blaylock, a board certified neurosurgeon.
The Greater Good: Documentary (2011)
(Segment on Gardasil begins @5min.30sec & @18min)
Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaks on vaccination against cervical cancer.
From a lecture in Sweden autumn 2014.
HPV Vaccine Safety Studies not designed to detect Auto-Immune diseases: Dr. Lucija Tomlijenovic has been researching neurotoxicity of aluminum in the body. (May, 2013) 
The case against aluminum in vaccines
Dr Suzanne Humphries. Published Feb 24, 2015
Two teenage sisters bring lawsuit after post-gardasil Menopause: “We were robbed of our womenhood”. Second report here .
HPV Vaccine Safety and Efficacy Issues:
Dr. Tomljenovic presentation in Vancouver, 2015.
Aluminium as a carrier allows access of anti-bodies to brain. Mechanisms of Molecular Mimicry. Explained by Dr. Tomljenovic with experimental evidence.[May,2015 @23min]
HPV vaccine is destroying the health and lives of a generation of  young girls
- Dr David Clark (5min)
HPV Vaccine Reaction and Symptoms--What Do I Do Now?
- Dr David Clark (5min)
 HPV Vaccine Side Effect Causes Autoimmune Condition
- Dr David Clark (3min)
Gardasil HPV Vaccine Side Effects Story 
- Dr David Clark (3min)
10 Steps to Reverse Autoimmune Disease, Dr. Mark, Hyman, Sep, 2015.

US news reports from early 2010 highlighting Gardasil effects

A List of Informative Clips to Watch

"I am not a Coincidence"- Short doc addressing the medical community's repeated excuse that symptoms after vaccination are just coincidental. (5 min)

"Gaurd Yourself" - Short Documentary featuring victims of Gardasil vaccine - (15min)
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