Irish Girls Received HPV Vaccine contaminated with Genetically Engineered Viral DNA. , 22/01/2016

Renowned independent scientist warns of exposure to genetically engineered viral DNA in Gardasil. 

Dr. Sin Hang Lee’s recent open letter of complaint to the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), exposes emails between highly ranked officials, highlighting an apparent cover up of crucial HPV vaccine safety risks.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee, Pathologist, Director of the Molecular Laboratory Milford, (USA), Graduate Medical College of Wuhan, China has lectured at McGill University and Yale University. He is an international expert in the use of DNA sequencing for molecular diagnostics.

Never before has Engineered Recombinant Viral DNA (rDNA) knowingly been injected into human hosts, and now the casualties have been left to deal with the consequences. REGRET and other HPV vaccine injury support groups across the globe all have similar stories to share about previously healthy and vibrant teenagers who now have a long list of similar debilitating symptoms, auto-immune conditions, and some with life-threatening conditions. These parents were not supplied with the relevant product risk information, as outlined and instructed by the manufacturer, to be read prior to signing consent. They also ask why medical professionals are reluctant to report HPV vaccine side effects to the relevant authorities. Same story – different country.

Meanwhile health authorities in each country are reading off the same script, reiterating the mantra that the HPV vaccine is “safe”, basing their decisions on presumed outcomes, and ignoring the casualties being presented daily at GP clinics and hospitals with parents left to deal with the aftermath. It is the same story in ALL countries where the HPV vaccine programme has been rolled out, with tens of thousands of teenagers across the globe often being told the problem is psychosomatic, or "all in their heads".

The form of genetically engineered DNA in question is called recombinant DNA (rDNA), and is classed as a biohazardous material. This is why this form of biotechnology is normally confined to restricted laboratories, which specialise in experiments creating cross-species 'transgenic' organisms. This is the first time Recombinant DNA has ever been knowingly injected into a human host - our daughters - and the consequences appear to have been disastrous. 

In 2010 Mothers Alliance Ireland issued a letter to post primary school principals and their boards of management with disturbing facts about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine which were not being brought to the attention of parents. Complaints were made to the Minister for Health, the Minister for Education, the Ombudsman and the Irish Medicines Board, with requests for an immediate withdrawal of the Gardasil vaccine. The Health Authorities (HSE) responded by issuing a letter to all post primary principals requesting that only 'HSE' information on the vaccine be passed on to parents.

In 2011 after conducting extensive research, Dr. Lee found that 100% of Gardasil Vaccine vials obtained from several different countries, were contaminated with fragments of HPV DNA which was firmly attached to the Aluminium Adjuvant  carrier in the vaccine. Dr Lee released his findings in 2011, which were then replicated in other laboratories. This was corroborated in another independent laboratory investigation, by Dr. Laurent Belec, in France. Not only has this independent laboratory confirmed the findings of Dr. Lee in every Gardasil sample tested from France, this lab used a different and less ‘sensitive’ methodology to arrive at the same conclusion regarding Gardasil recombinant (genetically engineered) HPV DNA fragment contamination. 

You can see Dr Lee’s interview below where he explains how the rDNA molecule can bind with the aluminium adjuvant in the vaccine and therefore persist in the body with all the associated risks and unknown consequences. This may explain the serious side effects and the auto-immune conditions being experience by girls globally post-Gardasil.

Following Dr. Lee’s disturbing revelations in 2011, more letters were sent to Irish secondary school principals, informing them of the dangers of contamination by recombinant viral rDNA in the Gardasil Vaccine and requesting that the information be passed on to parents. Regarding these revelations,  the Irish Medicines Board (IMB), which regulated vaccines in Ireland at the time, told the Irish Examiner newspaper that  “This information has no impact on the safety or effectiveness of the vaccine”. The National Immunisation Office (NIO) also issued a statement in their Oct 2011 newsletter titled “HPV VACCINE: Spurious claims about vaccine contamination":

"The HSE is aware of correspondence being sent to principals of second level schools and national media with concerns that Gardasil, the HPV vaccine used in the national programme is "contaminated with viral DNA". Gardasil is made in the same way as many other vaccines by using DNA to make proteins. Very small amounts of DNA may be found in any vaccine made in this way. Many studies have shown there is no link between these very small amounts of DNA and any side effects from Gardasil or any other vaccine. The European Medicines Agency is responsible for the regulation of all medicines. They have examined these concerns and confirmed that Gardasil is considered to be safe and effective. The full EMEA statement is available”.

The European regulatory agency, the EMA, were also very quick to return a verdict of "not considered a risk", despite no supporting research, and no published scientific references . The FDA also responded with a public statement. Although both agencies now acknowledged that there were indeed traces of recombinant DNA presented in the Gardasil vaccine, they assured the public that this was perfectly safe.

When Merck originally applied for the licence in 2006 they declared that the vaccine "contains no viral DNA". Now that the manufacturer has been forced to admit the existence of recombinant DNA
, the conditions under which the vaccine was approved are no longer valid. 

Irish parents have much to fear from the revelations in Dr. Lee’s letter. His 2011 findings offered a possible explanation for why at least 229 Irish girls are suffering from chronic debilitating illness - dismissed as 'coincidences' by the HSE. Whilst this research was made available to health authorities and public health agencies in Ireland at the time, they chose to dismiss it with no consideration for the health impact on Irish teenagers. Parents of REGRET are now astonished and appalled, to learn that this safety risk was known about over four years ago.

Would you agree to your 12 year old pride and joy, being injected with some genetically modified viral DNA, which has the potential to replicate and combine with her own DNA? Parents are deeply concerned that there has not been any independent Irish investigation into the debilitating, chronic side effects experienced by 229 Irish girls since they received the Gardasil HPV Vaccination. REGRET now calls on the Minister for Health and the HSE, for an urgent, independent and transparent inquiry into the safety profile of the Gardasil HPV Vaccine, including the many side effects experienced by the girls in REGRET.

Photo taken during recent meeting in Dublin on 2/8/2015.

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