REGRET.IE launches national register appeal for injured girls.


REGRET.IE, the national support group for girls injured by the HPV vaccine ‘Gardasil’ has launched a national appeal to parents to sign up to a new register.

The support group compiling the register has already identified over 50 Irish schoolgirls experiencing serious life-changing health problems after receiving the shot during the schools HPV vaccination campaign.

The REGRET.IE parents see similar symptoms in their daughters to those suffered by teenage girls in other countries where the vaccine has been introduced. These damaging adverse reactions are now also being investigated by health and regulatory authorities in these countries.

Photo taken during recent meeting in Dublin on 2/8/2015.

“We firmly believe there is a link between the HPV vaccine Gardasil and the experience of our daughters who now try to cope with these life changing illnesses” said spokesMum Kiva Murphy.

“More and more parents are contacting us every week. We now want to inform the Departments of Health, Education and the HSE about the extent of these previously unidentified health problems and get support for our daughters” she said.

“We are asking parents in this and every county nationwide to contact us if their daughter has any of the problems associated with this vaccination. We know of 52 cases to date, but we believe that once parents make the link there will be dozens more”.

“We can be contacted through our website REGRET.IE, the shop window for our support group. Our aim is to get help for our girls, to raise public awareness and to seek an immediate investigation into the side effects of this drug by the HSE” she added.

The REGRET.IE parents point to the example of Denmark where health authorities have set up a specialist research unit to clinically evaluate girls experiencing suspected side effects such as POTS, seizures and cognitive dysfunction. Based on the results of their investigation they have asked the EMA to carry out a larger safety study on the HPV vaccine. The European Medicines Agency began this review 2 weeks ago and it will run until May 2016.

In Ireland, as in many other counties, these symptoms may take days, weeks or months to manifest, and many of the teenagers have had to restrict their attendance or drop out of school completely because they continuously suffer from:

Persistent headaches, sore throats, joint and/or muscle pains, memory impairment, menstrual problems, seizures, auto immune illnesses, chronic fatigue, depression and psychiatric illness, other unexplained illnesses.

REGRET.IE notes that although no direct link has so far been definitively proven between any specific illness and this vaccine, the medical literature is reporting mounting evidence on the neurotoxic effects of certain ingredients used in the vaccine (for example aluminium nanoparticles). 

The experience of these schoolgirls in Ireland demands full disclosure of potential risks when requesting parental consent to HPV vaccination.

If your child has suffered health issues that you think may have been triggered by Gardasil, and you wish to get in contact with other parents who have had a similar experience, please contact us at: